US Tour Of Manchester United

The latest news of Manchester United is that Jose Mourinho, the manager is satisfied with the progress that his side made despite the draw match that his side had against the San Jose Earthquakes. This stalemate game was another training session, which was the second consecutive draw that the side had during their tour in the US.

Many players of the club had commitments in the World Cup for which they missed out on the trip. The Portuguese are content that the squad that he formed, along with players like Alexis Sanchez, was able to get good practice if nothing else.  The Portuguese were happy with the performance of the squad though many of the best players were missing. He issued a statement that the team was not really in form since it merely comprised of players who had come from different teams.

These comprised of members of the first teams, some who had been loaned from other teams, some who were under 18 as well as some who had come from under 23 team.

Since the team had such a composition, it was more of a training session than being a team that was trained and ready to play as one. Sanchez missed out the starting matches due to a visa issue, but he started at Levi’s stadium for the Sunday match. Here he shot a goal in the 30th minute, but that sailed off the target. There was a close miss which was also handled by Sanchez, but they could not open the deadlock of United even after that.

Mourinho was happy with the effort that Sanchez put in; it was the effort of physical strength and it was good for him. Players like Antonio Valencia was injured, but Mourinho stayed sanguine, stating that the players have to get used to injure as there would be more of that.