Man Utd 2 – 1 Liverpool (FA Cup – 1999)

24 thoughts on “Man Utd 2 – 1 Liverpool (FA Cup – 1999)

  1. I wish one day that Manchester United and Liverpool will compete with each other for the premier league. Best two teams in England. From Manchester united fan

  2. Andy Gray’s “You don’t win anything with kids” moment. He does redeem himself later in the video, though, when he says “I can’t enlighten the folks at home.” Ain’t that the truth.

  3. “Told you, told you half an hour ago, this is Liverpool’s day” got to love Andy Gray’s buffoonery

  4. Yes, Sky Sports, they pumped in millions into the game which boosted wages and made Premier League Football into a global brand. We can’t pinpoint a specific year the decline started, the winning clubs like United suffered first as the success attracted the ”suits ”. I would say the decline became noticable across all grounds around 2000-2004. The introduction of all seats quickened the process. Now if you stand up the old grandma’s tell you to sit down and behave!

  5. Sky as in Sky Sports? What year would you say the shift started? Was it when they made all the stadiums all-seaters?

  6. Just about every single EPL ground has declined in atmosphere over the last 10 years or so as Sky rebranded englsih football into a more family friendly sport. Before it was seen as the dirty lower class sport for working men. That generated a sense of pride in your club but with expensive tickets the real fans are priced out.

  7. wow thanks. so is it just the man u crowd that has gotten worse or are all the EPL stadiums a lot quieter now compared to the 80s/90s?

  8. It was sadly invaded by daytrippers, chinese, and middle class parents. Plus, the stewards are aggressive and threaten you if you dare to stand up. It’s an complete disgrace and grounds like Anfield aren’t much better.

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