Amazulu Vs Manchester United 0-1 All Goals And Highlights (Friendly Club Match) [Jul.18 2012]

23 thoughts on “Amazulu Vs Manchester United 0-1 All Goals And Highlights (Friendly Club Match) [Jul.18 2012]

  1. Guess what? I’m not 12. Has Macheda been given the chance chicharito’s been given? As soon as chicharito came ferguson gave him a place in the top line straight away, no fucking questions asked. Macheda scored in his first two games, he didn’t score in the third and was not given any more chances in the starting line up. Oh yes you’re right about de gea, it’s not only this video, there have been many performances of him this season that were complete shit. Btw try to avoid using “but anyways”. 

  2. you’re clueless as well, it’s pre-season.. everyone get’s a game! no one cares who wins, it’s purely for fitness. anyway rooney welbeck and evra were on holiday when this game was played!!!

  3. lol, this is probably pointless because you sound about 12 but anyway. tell me what macheda has done to replace hernandez? or why this video (A PRE SEASON FRIENDLY) proves de gea shouldn’t play for united again?

  4. i think he was replying to a comment made by ForzaAquila mate not actually complaining about the team selection which I thought was a good chance for the youth to show what they can do.

  5. Yea…the official name is Premier League. And by contract, the sponsor’s name is put in front of PL. In this case Barclays, the bank. But you don’t hear people calling the FA Cup the Budweiser Cup. Nor do they call the Football League cup the capital one cup.

    No i’m not. Re-read what i wrote. I’m criticizing what you wrote. I said Ben Amos has a higher percentage. You said he barely played. So then i’m saying that hart is better because he’s played 9 full games more with around the same pctg.

  6. I am not english, but tbh I know (virtually) lots of englismen who also call it BPL.

    Firstly you are argueing that Hart played 9 more matches than de Gea, later you are argueing with Lindegaard and his better goal/game average, when he played just 8 games…

    Official name of the league is BPL btw

  7. You’re the first I’ve ever heard someone call it must not be english..but that’s not the issue.

    Oh so now the amount of shots and playing time is the issue? say that to hart who has played NINE MORE MATCHES THAN DE GEA, and only has 1% less of save percentage.

    What chart are we looking at? Because on mine amos is there. And lindegaard has an average of letting in one goal every two games. De gea has let in an avg of one goal per game. Who did better?

  8. If someone calls it Barclays or English PL it really does not care.
    Lindegaard has better save percentage by 4% when he had just around 20 shots…
    That chart was made for keepers with way more shots, of course there is no Amos…de Gea was consistent since winter, he wasnt making the same mistakes and played definitely better than Lindegaard.

  9. it’s called the EPL, and save percentage doesn’t mean shit. ben amos played one game and got a clean sheet so his save percentage is 100%, and i bet according to you, that means he’s the best GK in the EPL? Absurd. Lindegaard has a better save percentage. And i’d prefer a consistent GK who does great in every game like buffon and hart, rather than someone like kahn or de gea who look like zoff in one game and like butterfinger barthez in another.

  10. Who had the best saving percentage in BPL? Who saved lots of great shots? Except few mistakes during start of the season he played well.

  11. @deadlinesman he didn’t ‘replace them’ he is trying new players to see if anybody impresses him, otherwise why would Rooney, Wellbeck and Evra not be playing…

  12. Seriously? Replace De Gea? Macheda replace Hernandez? What the fuck have you been smoking? I would imagine you do know the ‘double’ of people. That’s if they knew ZERO as well.

  13. ? What did Macheda except that goal? Lindegaard had great saves, but so had de Gea during whole season

  14. you clearly don’t know much about me, because i definitely know united and i know at least the double of you about football. 

  15. berbatov is class,best technique in the prem and miles better than hernandez, welbeck or macheda

  16. fuck i wanted to see kagawa start the game but anyway i cant wait for saturday! hope he starts the next game

  17. this video proves why de gea should never be used again…and why macheda should replace chicharito

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