Dynamo Magic of Football: Episode 3 starring Gary Neville

23 thoughts on “Dynamo Magic of Football: Episode 3 starring Gary Neville

  1. thats the point he’s making. dynamo didnt give him a choice. he simply showed the bottom card to him which never changed as if that was his random choice.

  2. Who is this guy? btw i think i know the ones with the shoe. He hides all 32 cards somewhere in his cothes. Then somebody chooses one and he remembers and gets it from is clothes. ya dig me. I mean if it was a Queen then he grabs it from his bottocks.

  3. @propella756 no chit genius.. i said how did he put the shirt on.. not how did he put the info on the shirt

  4. how can he know what neville is thinking at the end?? some of them are really good tricks, but i dont know how he can know what game he was thinking of unless he bought neville out. but as if gary neville would take money like that and as if he has the money. strange

  5. Look more closely. He’s just taking cards off the top, the bottom card stays the same so it doesn’t matter when he says stop lol. It’s brilliant Dynamo can do it so well to convince people this well though.

  6. How is it forced? Dynamo tells him to stop the shuffle at any point at the start? And i know he really is! 😀

  7. You can get packs of cards where every other card is slightly smaller and all the same so when you fan/flick them through one way all the card look different, turn them over and all the ‘other’ cards are exposed so its a 99% chance he will pick the duplicate. 🙂

  8. quick change clothes technology at first it was the hindu shuffle which allways keeps the bottom card in place its a setup trick

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