Shinji KAGAWA vs Hannover 96 (All touches)

25 thoughts on “Shinji KAGAWA vs Hannover 96 (All touches)

  1. Sorry bro but I’m just sicked of you guys comparing between Hazard and Kagawa. You guys are judging based on like what, 3 – 4 matches. Grow up. Save your breath until the end of the season. Your first comment made me come here tho. If you want to talk about Kagawa then leave out the club. Bad move? How sure are you? I’ll accept that only when the season is over.

  2. Ok why don’t we end up with this. Manchester United has won 19 premier league title so far. The end.

  3. wow your clearly a kid, i was actually trolling korean music the whole time. Anyway, i truly think Hazard is much better than Kagawa, you are just Half Japanese which is why u think Kagawa is better, which loses credibility.

  4. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA I checked ur channel liking Korean music, ur clearly jealous of KAGAWA BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA omg, ive never laughed so much, Im half Japanese and AKB48 is where its at LOL

  5. HAHAHAHAHA dude, u have got nothing to say now so ur trying to mock me…ur probably the loser 12 year old hahahaha 😀

  6. what? i thought this was a legit debate. Then you ended it like a sore loser child, you must be like 12.

  7. thats cos he was freaking tall and strong, Hazard? yeah, hes small and weak now please piss off

  8. “self play like Ronaldo wont be that much effective in the PL” Self play from Ronaldo won United the league, the champions league and Ronaldo the golden boot and the FIFA best player in the world.

  9. 98 percent sry, now go stop trolling these videos, Ur probably Jealous of him, Go fuck yourself BYE BYE!!! ^_^

  10. Oh soz I was supposed to say that they were both great players but they both pretty small. I was gonna say for a small player, self play like Ronaldo wont be that much effective in the PL. When Hazard plays like his normal ego self, He loses the ball easily too much such as failing backheels and stuff, his passing play isnt that good either but hes only got speed and awarness (not as much as Kagawa though if u see them play). Kagawa’s passing accuracy was 9 percent against Everton. FACT

  11. “Hazard is a good player but plays more for himself so in my opinion kagawa is better cos hes a team player” Thats just a poor excuse for Kagawa to be better, in other words you are saying Kagawa is better than C.Ronaldo cos hes more of a team player too.

  12. Kagawa was also bought cheaper because bvb was carried by him and wanted to let him go to thank him cos he was bought so cheaply when bvb bought him. he was also sold to man u to influence football in japan. However, Hazard was sold dear cos Lille wanted to keep him bad but couldnt say no to 32 million pounds. Hazard is a good player but plays more for himself so in my opinion kagawa is better cos hes a team player

  13. Kagawa has had an amazing pre season and and an brilliant start to the premier league and this was his only bad match. His play needs good thick sturdy grass because his play is mostly about making quick turns and moving into good positions but the southhampton pitch was bad and soft. Hazard had a shitty pre season and has only played 3 great matches. He was dogshit against Athletico and was mostly in the bottom three of player ratings of different websites. FACT

  14. Did you watch the game against Athletico? how much better was Kagawa than Hazard? both were average, he played MOTM level for 3 games before that, then you waited for Chelsea to lose 4-1 to say Hazard was poor, he really wasnt, the whole team was poor and if you really have to pick the best Chelsea player in that match it would probably still be hazard. Anyone who thinks Kagawa is better than Hazard is simply ignorant, Man Utd bought Kagawa as a cheaper alternative, fact.

  15. Wow he played averagely in one match, Hazard was so poor against Atletico. You really are incredibly dim witted, please don’t reply, I don’t have the time or patience for your inane, and frankly ignorant thoughts on a sport which you clearly know very little about.

  16. Hazard was terrible? Luiz and Ivanovic was terrible, and you are a loser for waiting for one match where he doesnt put in a MOTM performance just to defend Kagawa. You know yourself you would take Hazard over Kagawa any day to Manchester United. Unless you were Asian, which i doubt.

  17. Hazard last night hahahaha. He was absolutely terrible, Kagawa has been consistently brilliant, you fucking idiot. 

  18. Genuinely the dumbest thing I’ve ever read? Kagawa lack of skill, ever watched a football match?

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