Shinji Kagawa and Nick Powell unveiled at Manchester United

25 thoughts on “Shinji Kagawa and Nick Powell unveiled at Manchester United

  1. Fights between the Japanese and Korean football fans shows that they really aren’t true football fans. I’m sorry, but using racism in an argument is pretty half-assed and shows you have no intelligence whatsoever. Just watch the football and get along. Both Park Ji-Sung and Shinji Kagawa are great players, and both Japan and Korea are good teams.

  2. Hmm, that is true. It is unfortunate that the best over-aged players don’t play in the Olympics as its is more of a showcase for the younger players really. Yes Ji Sung Park and Chung Yeung Lee are both very good players but I didn’t agree with Japan’s over-aged players apart from Yoshida Maya. Instead of Tokunaga Yuhei(defender) and Hayashi Akihiro ( goalkeeper), it would have been better to have Nagatomo (defender, Internazionale) and Honda Keisuke (CSKA). Korea were better on the day though.

  3. Asian Cup? hah. Korea has gone into the semi finals in the WORLD Cup. How far has Japan ever gone? And which title is more prestigious: an ASIAN cup or an OLYMPIC title? And in that case, the korean team did not have Son (Hamburger SV, 20) who really is the best young player, Lee Chung Yong and Park Ji Sung (who both could’ve been used as wild cards if it werent for Lee’s injuries and Park’s retirement for the sake of young players). There are so many players that I can name. NOW who’s laughing.

  4. why are Gook monkeys commenting on a Kagawa video? They should comment on Park Chung Yeung Sung Lee videos instead.

  5. Japan has won the Asian cup the most times (4) and is ranked above Korea in FIFA rankings. As for the olympics Japan didn’t have Miyaichi(Arsenal, 19) and Kagawa(Man United, 23). Who’s laughing noe?

  6. Japanese football is well over Korean? HAHA. I laugh at that. 2:0 losers. Couldn’t make a single goal.

  7. let’s hope they both get killed, along with that bacon face Scots bastard Fergie !!!

    Filthy Fucking Munich Air Disaster Scum Bastards !!!

  8. Theirs noway man utd gonna buy RVP and Lucas Moura.. If i were to choose id prefer moura as hes only 19

  9. Jealous? fucker, Japanese football is well over Korean now. Why not instead watch some hideous K-League highlights instead of searching “kagawa” and trying to troll on it. Low-life song-lee-chung-choo-wang

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