Everton vs Manchester United 1 – 0 1080p (HD)

22 thoughts on “Everton vs Manchester United 1 – 0 1080p (HD)

  1. relax lose in first game doesn’t mean lose forever,they will strike back.GLORY GLORY MAN UNITED!!!

  2. our players were not as sharp as everton players, rooney, nani didnt have the best of games. Rvp didnt play enough minutes to impact the game, the only positive was Kagawa was really impressive he almost had two assist, but clev and welbeck didnt finish off the chances, i hope we get evans or jones back, carrick looked suspect in defence although we wont face big teams in the coming weeks

  3. @superhovdog they’re all injured!!!! Our only proper defenders who aren’t injured are Ferdinand and Vera

  4. Will you be doing a video for every United game this season? (That’s this good). If so you are my hero dude

  5. United played well, Everton played better. Simple as that, I just dont understand why carrick is playing Cb and is marking fellani at the corner. Honestly we would be better off letting Jones, Smalling or even Evans have a chance because all have alot of promise and are actually Cb’s

  6. Always Bel20ve!! its just the first game of the season the players just need to get used to the play and the major mistakes were not playing rafael as RB but instead choosing valencia,Carrick as CB and not taking off nani after half time and sending rvp in and this was the biggest not passing much to kagawa

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