Shinji Kagawa – Manchester United’s Samurai – 2012/13 HD

25 thoughts on “Shinji Kagawa – Manchester United’s Samurai – 2012/13 HD

  1. Hope utd pay off their debts and someday in the next 20 years they can buy a replacement for Scholesy

  2. How is it that UTD, being devoid of any talent in midfield, buy this guy and miss out on someone like Cazorla who was cheaper?! Sir Alex was never great in the transfer market and the signs look ominous this season..

  3. For everyone who thinks he’s a shirt seller, shut the fuck up hes got too much talent to be a shirt seller and hes been are best player since he signed, he is gunna play a big part this season for us.

  4. i should get a life? lol the fact that you took the time out to look at all the comments and reply to me shows you have no life so shut the fuck up bitch

  5. Having an Asian on the Man United will win a lot of fans from Asia.  I am now Manu fan too :).

  6. thats not true because united were intrested in signing hazard after they signed kawaga because we wanted another winger because we refused to accept nanis new contract demands and he wanted to go to united and was very close until chelsea jumped in and paid his agent 6 million to join them they also offered him a claus in hazards contract 20% of hazards wages goes to his agent

  7. lol you think im an internet badman? if u think so why dont you give me the link to ur facebook and let me see ur face.

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