Man Utd vs Fulham 3-2 Robin Van Persie Full interview 25.8.12

25 thoughts on “Man Utd vs Fulham 3-2 Robin Van Persie Full interview 25.8.12

  1. City wanted to sign him. Mancini, Kompany all praised him before he said he wanted to move to United. Persie said he wanted to join a big club… That’s why he left you.

  2. OH and also.. A rival team i would consider to be on par with us. Arsenal are no longer rivals to united. Everton and Newcastle are now your rivals. United are above Arsenal, as selling it’s stars to the teams above them in the league is not what rivals do. Do you think Ferguson would let Rooney go to Chelsea or City. Not on your life son. I wont lower myself to name calling .. Your club does all the work for me really. 🙂 xxx

  3. Publicly slander?? I didnt hear him once slander your club. You have your opinion to which you are entitled. But he’s only human, and wants to win things and earn more i suppose. It’s not only about money with him i think. But he’s with a better team now, that’s the main thing. 🙂 I’m sure he really cares about what youtubers think too (As he’s kissing a medal at the end of the season. TASTY!!!) I know i really do, when a bitter person calls me a “homo cunt” Wow, that’s a 1st on this site. 🙂

  4. No, no, that’s where you’ve got it completely wrong, I’m only calling you names because it’s the truth, you are a homo cunt. On a more important note, who said it’d matter if he wins trophies or not at his new club, he probably will, he’s still a judas in our eyes. If Frimpong were to leave in the same circumstances as RVP, publicly slander the club and go to our most bitter rivals, then yeah, he’d too be deemed a JUDAS CUNT. duh.

  5. that’s exactly what happened… You cursing or calling me names is not going to change the fact he’s joined a more successful club where he will win something. As if every single player has to love the club as much as the fans. Would you say the same thing if frimpong left for another english club. No you wouldn’t, Just because he’s a player of real quality he’s classed as judas. 5 captains in 7 years!! Amazing selling club you are. thanks Wenger, keep knockin em up

  6. actually RVP hates mancini and he’s always said united was the better club, do a little bit a research into the transfer, shitty were in the bid but pulled out when juventus did

  7. Oh arse-anal fans shut up, Van Persie has moved on and its about time you goonetes do the same! we dont care what you think about him, his a United player now and his job is to score goals for us! Get a Life morons and fuck off!

  8. wtf are you on about? Does not change the fact that he is a judas cunt you homo, get ur head outta ur ass. We could’ve ditched him through all those 7 injury ravaged seasons, but no, we decided to stick with him. Finally has one good season and leaves, how about go fuck urself! And city weren’t in the running for him anyway, that’s a fact. If city really wanted him, would you think he’d be at united? HELLL NO.

  9. not ManU fan but must admit that Rvp is a great buy and completes a formidable attack. I just hope Ashley Young is not forgotten.

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