Kagawa to Man Utd, Arsenal want Martinez, Hoilett to Spurs?

25 thoughts on “Kagawa to Man Utd, Arsenal want Martinez, Hoilett to Spurs?

  1. Hazard gave man u/fa the 2 finger salute to join the European champions,Chelsea.9>3.Amen.

  2. As much as I dislike Manu I must be honest there going to dominate next season with kagawa

  3. Welcome to Manchester United, unlike Hazard who can do well at Chelsea for a couple of years then move to ‘Project Madrid’ or ‘Project Barca’. Kagawa will become a United legend <3

  4. Haha the guy that said kagawa is off to talk to arsene wenger haha kagawa is very close to sign for man utd

  5. Actually Spurs need Hoilett, they need a sub to rotate with Bale so he doesn’t get worn out by the end of the season. Well that is if they don’t use Dos Santos or Pienaar along with Lennon on the right.

  6. lennons injury prone, i think hoilett could easily walk into the squad. they are in serious need of rotation aswell

  7. c’mon, dude stop making up stories or following yellow press. He did NOT say he was leaving for MAN UTD. Kagawa is meeting with Arsene Wenger this weekend. We’lll see.

  8. kagawa wont go to arsenal he has already had talks with sir alex and said to club dortmund that he was leaving for man u

  9. dude dont care about 7 million ,kagawa is superb go check what passes he makes,most goals are from him.He is top!

  10. yes exactly, i think that kagawa will be the best signing for arsenal because he is a AMAZING PASSER,he can dribble and run fast and make some AWESOME passes.Look the assists he made in the cup final against bayern

  11. Kagawa at United will need to change formation 4231 i think he is more of Arsenal type where he will play behind RVP. United need more of Modric or Xavi type CM that’s been their tradition they never used CAM.

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