Barcelona Vs Manchester United 0-0 Highlights & Penalty Shootout (2-0)

24 thoughts on “Barcelona Vs Manchester United 0-0 Highlights & Penalty Shootout (2-0)

  1. barcelona is manchester united “boogey team”.they always beat manchester united.

  2. lol yh i probablu won’t remember but i think hernandez could become great and welbeck can’t become great

  3. You need to score goals to win, yes, but you also need someone who can create the chances for the goals, Welbeck can help with this, Hernandez can’t. Now we have Rooney & RVP (once they find form) we should get plenty of goals out of those two so Hernandez isn’t really needed as much. He can still be a good sub though.

  4. well the whole point in winning is to score goals and stop the other team score goals and the defence and the goalkeeper did fine but the attackers didn’t do well at all even rooney missed a easy penalty

  5. Yeah, Hernandez is good at getting goals but other than that he’s shocking. It’s the opposite for Welbeck.

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