C.RONALDO TOP 10 free kick in manchester united

24 thoughts on “C.RONALDO TOP 10 free kick in manchester united

  1. number 2 should be number 1. one of the best free kicks in history. I hate when people say the one against arsenal was the best, it wasnt that good any keeper other than almunia couldve saved it.

  2. Goal nr.3 vs arsenal, should be nr.1. But number 1, should be number 9. But that just my opinion:-)

  3. Prerfect player, loved by Manutd fans, hope im gonna see him again playing with rooney under the best manager in the world

  4. When i see number 8… im like! OKAI WTF IS NUMBER 1 THEN! ( sees number 1) HOLY MOTHERFUCKING CRAP OG THE LORD!

  5. @dajkcaz yes i know he is the best. BTW! im getting a NFL jersey for nothing check this bit.ly/OvoDh3?=gzziaf

  6. i hate to say it but messi’s freekicks have become better than ronaldo’s. his freekicks are not the same as in manu anymore.

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