Super Nani 2011 – Goals and more!

25 thoughts on “Super Nani 2011 – Goals and more!

  1. LOL, it’s true actually. Nani has had other amazing seasons and Valencia makes one good season and gets so much hype…Nani is twice the player Valencia and Young is. He’s so skillful and got pace. We don’t have those players since Ronaldo left, so incase we want to compete in Europe again we need to hold on to those players. Hope he stays. He did great at Euro aswell

  2. thanks for the video mate this is fantastic, with the commentary and everything too… like 90% of Nani’s goals are just amazing

  3. keeper put ball down ref was playing the game on so nani knew this and just kicked the ball into back of net while keeper was txting his wife

  4. Nanis form is up and down. When he is in form he is world class. Truley one of Man Utd’s best players and a Nani in form i would pick ahead of Valencia and Young. Hope he can keep this fantastic form the whole next season! GGMU<3

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