|| ARSENAL FC || 11/12

25 thoughts on “|| ARSENAL FC || 11/12

  1. The desc says “I DO NOT OWN THE SONG”. Well, yea. We don’t own Song… If you know what I mean

  2. my fren ask me to change club,,but i said to him “nope,i still love gunners..forever i am ARSENAL..!!!” if u fren ask to change club,pliz no…we must be die hard fan 4 gunners.,,

  3. Through all the misery
    to be able to pull up from 17th to 3rd
    7 Years of shame despair anger
    The Arsenal Is Back !

  4. “I just can’t picture myself in a different shirt. I just can’t see it now because I love this Club so much” – Robin van Persie, July 2009

  5. RVP could U-Turn for signing contract at arsenal
    -Sky Sports
    Thumps up so every Arsenal fan can see!

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  7. All gunners love RVP and all know it, but if he leave arsenal for an other premier league team,a rival, he will be dead in our eyes,8 years would become rubbish, Is RVP crazy or he is trying to do something? Wenger bring to arsenal Giroud and Podolski and he is searching for a top class mid, and he is waiting Wilshere and Diaby,what Robin wants?,do you see Wenger wants success for the club,and Robin dont want to help us go forward?

  8. He won’t have a season like that again we made van Persie wenger will replace him we lost big players in the past and got stronger we can’t have a go yet because Rooney sed he was leaving man united but he signed a new contract the. Ext phew weeks should be interesting but if he does go then we should make a statement by bringing in someone big like llorente or lewondoski but have faith in wenger

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