Sunderland v Man Utd final whistle fans taunt Man Utd

24 thoughts on “Sunderland v Man Utd final whistle fans taunt Man Utd

  1. Wasn’t it funny all those years ago when Alan Shearer gave man u/fa the 2 finger salute to join Blackburn Rovers who went onto win the league?Happy days!9>3.Amen.

  2. Sunderland fans are the best,Simply The Best.Hats off dudes!Let’s all do the Poznan.9>3.Amen.”City Have Scored” absolutely brilliant,legendary!

  3. I dunno how he is deluded. You’re the one who is looking at Sunderland related videos…

  4. We have won more trophies than Sunderland. You may have won the old Division 1 more times than us, mainly becase you spent more times in it, than we ever did. I expect normal service to be resumed, cometh 21st October, when we take our annual three points. Your ‘simple’ English is where exactly? I am finding it extremely difficult, to even understand what you’ve typed. Typical deluded mackem. SMB.

  5. You are not really crowning yourself, or the chimps of Sunderland in any glory here. We’ve had more fans in Europe, then you’ve ever had, haha. Atleast when we were in the Championship, we were averaging attendances of 46,000. What did Sunderland average? You mackems always say the same shit, but truth be knowing you’ll always be in our shadows, but you’re too thick to even comprehand that, because your brain is small and non-existant. Ha.

  6. yeah comeback with better things to say you wanker piece of walking shit asshole geordie twat dont worry you dont see chimps walking around anywhere but i see magpies sometimes which i fucking kill with my bare hands your little birdy is gay as fuck looks like a bastard puff bird and a fat little flying pie… hum you badge is retared right ? why the fuck do you have a see horse on each side HA you little faggots is that your protection make you feel tough now when the cats rip your mags apart!

  7. chimps aww bless i see the people of sunderland looking like normal humans to me i think your the silly little boy who thinks that calling sunderland fans ‘chimps’ tell you what mate you really needa learn some new things to say because i still smell the same bullshit from your mouth, europe haha do you wanna know something you little geordie scruff bag’ there were more stewards than fans at the match you played today and you aint going to win anything so stop dreaming you little barcode piece

  8. typical mackem’ get a life mate wow congrats on newcastle having a fucking royal family like i give a shite bla bla bla!! its the wrong time to be a clown my friend, so change your words dickhead 🙂 oh you have a prime minister to oh great for you sir you want a trophie for your 67 year empty cabinet oh poor you

  9. haha yeah simple english like you can fucking understand it u little prick wash your mouth i can still smell shit of you eating your mams butthole out like you newcastle cunts do !

  10. Typical mackem, mate. Probably doesn’t realise we only have the Royal Family and Prime Minister in control of the U.K.

  11. Hahaha! What was that? You’ve just proven my point, regarding mackems being so slow and illiterate. Thank-you. Sunderland own the copyrights to this video, do they? Any plans for tonight? I hear there is some Europa League football on, why don’t you give it a watch? Because you dirty, seedy, mundane, backward, banana-eating chimps won’t be there, nor will you ever, unless you do a Man City and sell your club to Arabs. The ones who’ve became disillusioned and bored of camel racing.

  12. How thick are you, no surprise you aren’t a “presedent” when you can’t even spell simple english.

  13. what you going to do???? Beat us by one more goal haha, we took 4 points of city! How many did man u take with so called ‘wazza’ and co…. fucking muppets!

  14. Lol i think the sunderland fans are already starting to regret it………Best strikeforce in Europe with RVP and Wazza, get ready for the biannual ‘Roll over for Man Utd’ routine this season…

  15. I don’t think they were cheering you…its just Schadenfreude…you’re welcome to take it as cheering though.

  16. lol, wasnt really a threat, just saying it will fire the fans and players up…..shows weakness to use such words by the way, there’s no need, we all appreciate how tough you are.

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