Southampton vs Manchester United 2-3 All Goals & Highlights Robin van Persie hat-trick 2012

25 thoughts on “Southampton vs Manchester United 2-3 All Goals & Highlights Robin van Persie hat-trick 2012

  1. Yes 🙂 i hope for the best for arsenal 🙂 …Footballs means that all club fans should respect each other 🙂 Arsene weneger knows how to handle things i have too much respect for him 🙂

  2. And this guy is on the bench in our national team 🙁 He really neeeds to make more goals, i rather see him than Huntelaar.

  3. fletcher?????i cannot even recap one game that he is in his top form.he cannot even open play for a nothing except passing to the back again and again and again…. he should be sold 5-6 years ago, even called him a general…he bring nothing to the must also recap back the evra ronaldo duo at the left flank before and he were superb and until now livened the left flank with his run and cross!

  4. thanks man thats what football needs. fans of different teams respecting and bonding with each other. if a player leaves so be it.

  5. I am totally agree with u mate..
    Carrick, Anderson, Cleverly should be sold..But not his top form, he is Utd General…Evra should be dumped 2 years ago..stupid defender with the habbit of stupid mistakes..
    Another one, I prefer Nani than Valencia..really..Nani could make the game on his own..dribbling past the defenders ruthlessly..He is the one who should wear no.7..not Valencia..Valencia is bullshit, without player backing him up when he is with the ball..
    From Malaysia…

  6. You have podolski and cazorla what else you need 🙂 congrats on liv 0-2 arsenal

  7. i agree you have to give him time to get settled. and you also have to realize that he is making a large impact on the game whether he is on the ball or not. his playmaking ability makes defenses account for him at all times which allows for more wing play like we saw today

  8. They couldn’t even handle Falcao, what’s making you think they can handle Van Persie? besides your defenders are going to be more worried about Valencia and Nani running around your box…

  9. Oh come on man, that is just the beginning, you said that like he already been with MU for many years.. he still fresh in MU and also in EPL unlike RVP who already used to it..

  10. It’s funny because Ruud v. nistelrooy and Rvp both scored their 1st goal for MU against Fulham… and first hat-tricks against Southampton.. History has been repeated!!! Dutch legends

  11. I never dislike RVP. Even when he was a gunner. Always respected him because of his class and finishing. It’s just greater now since he plays and is performing for MU. Well done.

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