Robin Van Persie & Wayne Rooney (Man Utd Team 2012/2013)

25 thoughts on “Robin Van Persie & Wayne Rooney (Man Utd Team 2012/2013)

  1. I’m an arsenal fan, not just gonna dislike the video cause of Rvp, i just dislike Rvp now.. not gonna take it out on all the youtubers who talk about him :L

  2. ManU bought Kagawa, van Persie. Arsenal bought Podolski, Giroud and Cazorla. I think all the teams mentioned is just as bad (If buying already established stars is considered bad) at the moment.

  3. Piss Off My Comment was a week ago when chelsea had only played there first match so stop acting smart dickhead

  4. im not a chelsea fan but are you saying hazard is overrated ?
    are you kidding me ..
    you obviously don’t watch football

  5. im a united fan and i would admit that the overpaid for oscar, but Mata, Hazard and Marin are class

  6. To be fair Hazard has been class so far and Mata was Chelsea’s best player last season but the kid has no idea what he is on about as he said ‘Chelsea have a history of winning titles’.

  7. Hazard* Dumb Fuck and ahhahaha And So What If Hes playing well at the moment chelsea still put money in overrated players faces all there players are on 200k+ a week Dik Head

  8. lol you twat hazared playing so well atm so good buy mata is still young and is a really good player and oscar a young star whos going to be big and marin a good play in the german league so snm

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