Robin Van Persie Hat trick Man Utd 3-2 Southampton 02/09/2012

25 thoughts on “Robin Van Persie Hat trick Man Utd 3-2 Southampton 02/09/2012

  1. The difference between Man United and Man City is that Man City buy Players from great Clubs and Man United Buy players to add to a Great Club.

  2. We’ve been winning trophies for years,that’s why were arguably the most successful British club in History. I don’t know what you thinking before you wrote that comment lol

  3. proz best signing of the league so fr however will you win the title hmmmmmmmm NO

  4. A Chelsea fan saying United are buying titles… lolololololololololololol this is to funny.

  5. RVP could have scored 5 goals, missed penalty and a poor strike from inside the box when it was 1-1 i think. He is going to score plenty for United, 4 goals already, BRING ON WIGAN !!

  6. and dont forget that we also sold ronaldo for 80m and at that time he was the best in the world so he oobviously needed to be replaced

  7. who cares about the penalty the important thing is that he won the game for us single handedly

  8. lad chelsea? how can a chelsea fan talk about buying the league. abramovich is spending money like its going outta fashion

  9. He scored a hat trick, but still looks at the negative side of his performance. the penalty. fantastic player!! im glad united bought him over

  10. Man United never dies!! We fight till the end!! Cant wait for the Rooney – RVP partnership. Both crucial members of the club. To be fair, everybody is important. #GGMU

  11. Man u r like 400 million pound in debt, van persie looks like a gangly child when he plays football , still good tho

  12. Great game RVP was class, Southampton played fantastic, but MAN UNITED NEVER DIE !!!

  13. What after 3 games ? trust me chelsea are not gonna win premier league. its between man utd and man city.

  14. He scores a hat-trick and only focuses on improving on the part he hated and thanking Scholes. That’s a true footballer right there.

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