Hannover 96 Vs Manchester United 3-4 – All Goals & Match Highlights – August 11 2012 – [HQ]

25 thoughts on “Hannover 96 Vs Manchester United 3-4 – All Goals & Match Highlights – August 11 2012 – [HQ]

  1. Cmon man ure just like those pessimistic pundits who just keep on coming back at the weaker teams showing only their weaknesses when they.re loosing, and not telling what they actually need to do. Bebe and Ashley Young , who invited them here. Anyways you just cant spot talent man, youve got Balls for eyes not eyeballs , ….errr you know what im saying! ahahahha

  2. if you look close at the slow replays rooney trys to jump over and his right foot gets clipped by the gks shoulder

  3. If you consider that a dive you just don’t watch football. Period
    The keeper didn’t touch the ball, and made contact with Rooney’s foot, getting in the way of an obvious high percentage goal scoring opportunity.

    Textbook penalty.

  4. why you even here unless you’re an Hannover supporter seriously it’s just a game why you two crying this happens in so many matches how can you be sure that Rooney dived after all he might of slipped and by the way he did touch the goalkeeper he might have slipped. If you think this was unfair you haven’t seen Italian games they are full of divers seriously watch you will see what I am talking about.

  5. No, it’s simply not reality. Absolute bullshit is what it is. That’s what bores me. You’re full of it.

  6. I saw him attempting to jump over keeper, his leg that he tried to land on whilst continue running got caught on keeper, and naturally he fell over. tanxker2 is right in saying Rooney is no diver, you see his leg the other day. Must players would act like they had taken a bullet, he just got up and called the ref over.

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