Real Madrid Legends Vs Manchester United Legends 3-2 All Goals And Highlights [Jun.3 2012]

25 thoughts on “Real Madrid Legends Vs Manchester United Legends 3-2 All Goals And Highlights [Jun.3 2012]

  1. I don’t think either Ronaldo played in this game. You sure you’re haven’t just misheard Redondo’s name?

  2. Man United legends are better than Man United coz if it was Man United playing they loose like

    5 – 2 or something

  3. obviously you stupid fuck , they arent considered legends until they retire or leave real madrid , and they need to have been really good !

  4. Come on, you have to train to hone those skills and he hasn’t been trying for a year. Now if he were given 2 weeks to train, he probably would of gotten those shots. Just remember he won a EPL title and helped United get to the CL finals at the age of 40! Not a lot of keepers can say that.

  5. Haha thanks for making me smile. That comment was really funny.
    There are so many things wrong with what you just said that there is not point in me even starting to correct you, as it would take way too long. So instead, I’ll just stay here happy in the knowledge that I am not you.

    You mad?

  6. Hey bitch who reply others comment first?zidane and figo it’s just my opinion.why are you caring what i’m write?you can ignore it,and you the one who replying like retard,bastard!
    ” US ” who are with you right now?? I don’t see any spurs fans here,only madrid and man utd fans more thing there’s no neutral between Real and Barca,people will choose to sided one of them.what’s wrong?you also fanboying of you spurs.STFU

  7. Not at all. I support Spurs so I’m totally neutral between Real and Barca.
    So infact, if either of us is ‘fanboying’ a team it is you.
    Oh and by the way, there is no need to end your comments with ‘~’. It makes you look like a retard.

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