Manchester United VS Fulham FC 3-2 (HD)

25 thoughts on “Manchester United VS Fulham FC 3-2 (HD)

  1. Edited very well, the different views in the one play easily show how the ball went in. However, the vignette (the shadowy border) is there for the whole video and it darkens it a lot and makes it a bit harder to watch, I think it’d be better without, great video all the same though 🙂

  2. jesmeshd : hey your chelsea 3 man utd 3 video with music from fifa 12 was simply awesome, can you make a similar one for southampton vs man utd ?

  3. i kind of like arsene wenger “fucking” policy by buying unknown kids and make them a star,but i have to agree with you,the results will be no titles for the club

  4. RVP , HENRY , ASHLEY COLE , CESC , SONG , , , , etc
    your fucking manager will go on his fucking policy by selling his star and buying unknown kids untill they become stars and selling them again and the result is :
    no titles for the club and heart-attacks to the fans

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