Paul Scholes’ 150 Manchester United Goals 1994/2011 | QuickfireGoals Episode #8

25 thoughts on “Paul Scholes’ 150 Manchester United Goals 1994/2011 | QuickfireGoals Episode #8

  1. “My toughest opponent? Ryan Shawcross of Stoke. My players are scared to go near him.” –

    Arsene Wenger.

  2. ‘In the last 15 to 20 years the best central midfielder that I have seen — the most complete — is Scholes. I have spoken with Xabi Alonso about this many times. Scholes is a spectacular player who has everything.’

    ‘He can play the final pass, he can score, he is strong, he never gets knocked off the ball and he doesn’t give possession away. If he had been Spanish then maybe he would have been valued more.’ –

    Xavi Hernandez.

  3. @NikeyProduction Yeah because liverpool havent had a decen t striker since robbie fowler or michael owen and he gets all the assist because the rest of liverpool are fucking crap

  4. He was a great goal poacher before..and he scored so many headers! It’s incredible how he has improved and been able to change his game and adapt in regard to his age ! True legend 🙂

  5. @NikeyProduction the only reason gerrards stans out is because the rest of liverpool are shite cunts. Scholes stands out in world class teams he deserves the ballon D’or many times

  6. @NikeyProduction They didn’t start recording epl assist till late. Also Scholes plays central midfield and although Gerrard does now, at his peak he was playing as an attacking midfielder or right winger. Scholes is massively underrated and in my opinion is a class above Gerrard, and also why would set pieces matter? Lol doesn’t that contradict your point about assits then?

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