Manchester United – Where Legends Are Born

10 thoughts on “Manchester United – Where Legends Are Born

  1. Yeah interesting. Though I fear Welbeck and Chicharito won’t see much
    action – but for Premier League and CL it’s lethal news for any other club!

  2. If anyone wants to see a part 2 and 3 let me know, I still have lot of legends, especially keepers,
    I’d like to include – perhaps even a keepers only legend vid? But come up with legends and future legends, if you’d want to see them in the next vids.

  3. Cheers! Glad you liked the vid. Never done anything vid like this before – took ages to do 🙂
    I think United was out of the hunt some weeks ago – United is about getting players who dreams of playing for United, and not players who can’t decide between City, Chelsea and United. That’s usually not the type of player Fergie would want to sign.

  4. Cheers – and yeah I do agree, I just wanted to blend in a little new and old. Valencia and Nani could be close, and Chicharito and a s**ty season with injuries – let’s hope they’ll do some legendary stuff in the season ahead 🙂 And Tom, Danny, Phil and Chris are hopefully also the legends of the future.

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