Liverpool 4-0 Man United 1990 (Peter Beardsley hat-trick)

23 thoughts on “Liverpool 4-0 Man United 1990 (Peter Beardsley hat-trick)

  1. I swear the teams i see on here can rape present day barca anytime!!! And i must say…..a blue united seems weird…

  2. That Liverpool team were a class act. Be great if their successors emulated that scoreline next Sunday against the Mancs, a Suarez hat-trick, perhaps, facilitated by him making a fool out of Evra 🙂 (Just an idea)

  3. 7~25 man u fans chanting “man u” dont like being called man u,yet you like chanting man u. What a bunch of fakes.

  4. The Barnes booing wasn’t racially motivated TBH…… it was more to do with booing the star player…

  5. Haha forgot about that after Ferdinand supposedly having morals when he did not shake suarez hand but once again everybody including media forget that.

  6. @lfclegend89…Totally agree, and now of course we have a little twitter incident with rio (im no racist) ferdinand…embarrasing…

  7. Are you surprised they’re all a bunch of hypocrites regarding Suarez/Evra and the fact that Rooney is a Scouser but they all conviently forget that and sing “you scouse bastard”nothing surprises me about them.

  8. John Barnes from 87 to 90,91 when at Liverpool when on the wing was as good as any player in Europe. Just WORLD CLASS.

  9. 6:25 when united actually had some fans and sang when they were 3-0 down now all the asians would have left the stadium and even torquay uniteds stadium would have more fans in than there stadium than united 3-0 down

  10. I am amazed by the Suarez/Evra incident…but if im not mistaken everytime Barnes gets the ball utd fans racially boo him…nuff said

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