George Best part 2

24 thoughts on “George Best part 2

  1. how dare you compare a joker like Messi with the great George Best….

    man, watch more football… Messi is a joke outside Barcelona team… he is idiot in Argentina jersey… Messi is brilliant in Barcelona, but a total idiot outside it….
    and plz don’t insult legends like Best, by comparing him with fools like Messi…

  2. I was at that match in San Jose when he scored this & it’s commonly referred to as the Greatest Goal Ever scored in NASL History & along with the goal Al Owairan scored for Saudi Arabia in WC 94, the Greatest Goal EVER scored on U.S. Soil! I was 9 when he scored it & it captivated me then & still does. Watch again my friend. It was a true thing of beauty. Then just as good is after the fact he continues screaming at the official who missed a foul just before he got the ball. Besty was God to me!

  3. 6:09 is the greatest goal I have ever seen scored by any player in the history of the game…

  4. it sad to see a really good player drifted to a bad person because of himself, from temptation from other people it really sad.

  5. funny thing is he still was scoring 20 goals a season up til 72/73 – pity matt busby didnt have an eye on the future

  6. If It weren’t for him not conquering his demons…..Best had the talent and skill to be a top 3 talent…..that being said despite that he is a top 10 player ever .

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