Football Analysis – Everton Vs Manchester United 1-0 Fellaini Goal! – 20/08/2012

20 thoughts on “Football Analysis – Everton Vs Manchester United 1-0 Fellaini Goal! – 20/08/2012

  1. i think it will come in good way to manutd because the will know there problems, which they have to solve…… arsenal’s podoski will make a good impact in the next two to three weeks…

  2. Haha we will see. Not the best start to the season though but I am sure you will manage to shrug that a side.

  3. I’m not an arsenal fan…i’m a madrid fan….but I am so glad that Manchester United did not win…..showed RVP what a big mistake he made leavin Arsenal……wanker.

  4. just heard Sahin is on his way to the Emirates. And if we can add one right full-back and one DM(M’vila) to the squad, then i dare to think we are sorted for the title. But i can also see your point; it’s good to lower the expectation and take everyone by surprise in the end. thanks for the video, and keep up good work, mate!

  5. Cheers, UTD fans like to dish out, lets see if they can take the same crap they gave us last week.

  6. Sorry I didn’t cover that in the video, normally do, not sure why I forgot this time! There was 5 minutes of fergie time as per usual. And in respect to RVP, is maybe to early to say but if he doesn’t regain his form of last season for us then Arsene will have done well getting £24m for him!

  7. Nice to hear a fellow gooner sharing his delight over RVP’s unproductive debut (I also hope he continues to play poor for the rest of the season, which would make him kind of like Arsenal’s signing of mikael silvestre, except Arsenal got 24 million). Anyway missed the match, but just out of curiosity how long was the added time at he end of the match? I bet there would of been plenty of ‘fergie’ time, since united were losing.

  8. Same! I am going to make a realistic assumption and predict top 5 again. Would love a trophy of some sort but wouldn’t be too fussed if we didn’t get one. Love seeing some fellow gunner’s on my videos!

  9. i can almost see you smiling throughout the video. As a fellow gooner, today’s result kind of lifted me up a little bit after weekend’s draw. Wish every gooners a good week ahead.

  10. Lol this is what happens when you fly all over the world for pre season it makes players mentally and physically fatigues doesn’t t

  11. In my opinion I would have expected Man U to have beaten Everton, but that is just my opinion 🙂 I did however think Everton were the better side for this game!

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