99’FA Cup semi-final Man Utd vs Arsenal

24 thoughts on “99’FA Cup semi-final Man Utd vs Arsenal

  1. I’m a neutral,you’re the one with a hatred towards Liverpool and City.You should seek professional help gloryhunter.You’re no use to mankind with a mindset like that.9>3.Amen.Do ye realiize how embarrassing it was for man u/fa to lose to unfashionable Basel on 7-12-2011?man u/fa became the laughing stock of Europe,really funny.p.s Amen.

  2. hahahahahahha..amusing how you tried to make yourself look like a a neutral fan but rather an idiot..why bother to watch let alone to comment if you really can’t hide your obsession and jealousy??I mean,how poor your life must be huh??no matter how much hatred I have towards the dippers or to City I wouldn’t even bother to watch their video..obsessed!! nuff said!

  3. You should stop arguing with this cunt, he calls himself a neutral fan, but I see him on EVERY United video and he just hates on United. And what I also don’t get is why evrybody calls United supporters gloryhunter, in the last years we have won less then Barcelona, but no1 calls them gloryhunter?

  4. Schmeichel,Neville,Stam Johnsen, Irwin, Beckham, Keane, Scholes, Giggs,Yorke, Cole, Butt, Sheringham, Solskjaier, P.Neville- I miss the 1999 United team 🙁

  5. Anti-Semitic is something else: it means the hatred of a Jew because he belongs to “The Jewish Nation” and there is nothing that he could EVER do to make himself palatable in the eyes of an anti-Semite.

    The Jews and I include Levy of Tottenham wil drive the heart and Sole out of football, and make it into and American sport, where they just move teams around the place.

    Have you seen page 666 of the American Jewish Year Book 1941…..It’s very interesting!!

  6. You’re a gloryhunter from Bombay.You and your gloryhunting buddies then go for a drink in the “Star Of India” after the match.9>3.Amen.

  7. You are so stupid that it is hard for me to respond. Stubborn as a donkey, you are. I’m done. Get fuck’d

  8. You’re from Bombay gloryhunter so stop the spoofing!If Kawaga was any good Real,City and Barcelona or Bayern would have been interested in him.In fact Chelsea rejected him and joined man u/fa as a last resort(’nuff said).9>3.Amen.

  9. First of all I’m Canadian and I have seen almost every game since I became a fan in 94. I have also been to UK and seen more games then most brits themselves. And any idiot who knows the slightest fucking thing about geography knows that Bombay is called Mumbai. And your repeated use of the word glory hunter just shows you know fuck all about football. And your “neutral” status means fuck all as you are probably some Quebec cunt who likes The Impact. And we dont need Bale we have Kagawa. Win!

  10. I’m on here for a particular reason gloryhunter(don’t give me all that I’ve been a man u/fa supporter since I was…)it just doesn’t wash with me.I’m a neutral.You’re probably from somewhere like Bombay in India and support Bombay Athletic and travel over to the theatre of wet dreams on a magic carpet.City are champions of England again while man u/fa win didley squat.Good to see G.Bale give man u/fa the 2 finger salute,another top name snubs man u/fa!9>3.Amen.

  11. yeah you see it differently because you are autistic. Look at all these people arguing with you? We are red for life and you have been a city fan probably for a month. Ive supported United since I was 4. you are obviously struggling with some sort of mental disease to hate united so much yet you are watching all their old videos that you claim to loathe!?! Get a life you stupid cunt and grow the fuck up

  12. No I see it differently gloryhunter.99 is just ancient history revered by man u/fa gloryhunters,it means nothing to the ordinary footie supporter.It’s in the past so just leave it there gloryhunter,City are the kingpins now,a new era of football has started and I would like to say well done to City,a well deserved title win and congrats to man u/fa on winning didley squat as they did in 2005,no one likes thugs winning trophies(man u/fa)….oh what a feeling!9>3.Amen.

  13. Then why the fuck are you watching a 99 video huh? And we won the community shield which still counts as silverware. And while we were winning the treble where was city? oh yeah they we getting ready for fucking relegation! People only hate us because we are successful but we dont go rubbing it in on other teams videos. and btw celebrating a rival club beating another rival club is like celebrating someone else giving your girlfriend an orgasm cause youre too fucking useless to do it yourself

  14. 99 is just ancient history,a bad memory for all soccer fans gloryhunter.Did you know that man u/fa won didley squat this season?Everyone is rejoicing,just look at the joy and ecstacy of the QPR and Sunderland fans when City won the league last month,it felt like heaven even though they lost their respective games!2012 is the year when proper football really started,forget the last 20 years,it’s rife with cheating man u/fa teams,just thugs who get special treatment(Coward Webb)9>3.Amen.

  15. Your from canada you started supporting city 2012, HAHAHAH you focking knob your the last person to be calling some1 a glory hunter, and ever1 cares about 1999, except glory supporters like you.

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