Everton 1-0 Manchester United

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  1. uh united won fuck all you retard. Standard scum fan no clue. Btw the community shield certainly does not count. And now you’ve been surpassed by city and chelsea, both are player for player better in every position. Time for you to find a new team, glory supporting doesn’t really work when your not winning anything…

  2. Seeing as how Manchester united won more trophies in the last season than Arsenal has in the past 8 years, I highly doubt it.

  3. Well deserved by us the toffee’s what is it with fergusson the dickhead will never give us n e credit last year we matched them at old trafford and came away with a 4-4 draw our goals came from brilliant football while a couple of thers came from very lousy defending from us and he can say is they gave away the goals and this game he just said they lugged it up to fellani thats all they did! alrite we did a bit of that but played some decent stuf fergies got no class worse than steven gerrard

  4. lol he has more goals than arsenal, more points than arsenal. Arsenal is shit and will go another season trophy less.

  5. Football is just one of those sports where anything can happen and more often than not the stats don’t often tell the full picture. They help in deciding who had a good or bad game but generally you’ve got to actually watch an entire game to decide who’s not making a complete meal of it.

  6. If you say so man. In any worthy sport there are state. basketball which the rest of the world plays, there are they are points per game, shooting % rebounds etc. Baseball which the rest of the world plays there are batting average, on base %. steals, HR etc. That lame comment about stop/start sports is obviously aimed at football, but guess what, when i look in the paper after a game I can instantly see who had a good game vs a bad game with some small exceptions.

  7. See THIS is what i’m talkin about. Somebody who at least gave some examples of what constitutes a good game vs. a bad one.

  8. I can’t pal, because all you’re looking for is stats. You’ll never get it with that mindset; the game is played on grass not on an Excel spreadsheet. You have to feel it then you know what you’re looking at. If you played the game you would have a better idea – your head is not full of statistics when you play sport is all I can say, except for the stop start American sports which the rest of the world doesn’t really buy into

  9. There are stats though. Whether players completed a high percentage of passes, whether players made any worthwhile chances, whether certain players converted those chances into shots and shots on target. If a player mainly gives the ball back to the opposition through poor shots, passes or dribbling then they’ve had a bad game.

  10. Seems like all you got is fuckin snarky ass comments. If you took the time to write that why not take the fuckin time to tell how you can tell if somebody played well or not without any stats to measure.

  11. You’re right, you don’t get it, you should have left it at that.

    There’s really plenty to get, it’s just that you don’t, clearly

  12. you have just spoke a load of shit. please never talk about footy (soccer) ever again in you whole life , thanks

  13. I like Everton and, as an Arsenal fan, I would like you to take shitty Spurs` fourth spot and we will both qualify for CHamps` league

  14. What are you nob head shit for brains talking about? United always have a slow start to the season and every true football fan knows that. Come christmas we will be top of the league.

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