Van Persie first Manchester United Interview

25 thoughts on “Van Persie first Manchester United Interview

  1. RVP would never do that if he did score against us because he is still a gunner deep down. UTD are just temporarly´╗┐ payin his wages for next few years

  2. I really hope he´╗┐ has the best day of his life at the day Man U plays Arsenal, and hopefully he does the same thing as Adebayor did after his goal against the gunners. Thums up if you think Arsenal fans have no respect at all !!!!

  3. What? Its his choice to leave, hes not a cockney and just cozz the fans loved him it doesnt mean he´╗┐ cant advance his career. Would you give up a promotion ijust because some cunts who cant advance want u to stay on their level? Their the selfesh ones sayin goodbye to him in a respectful way appreciating that he kept them in it all these years

  4. At the same time, it’s obvious arsenal and liverpool have no vision. Liverpool just can’t, and arsenal is nothing more than a selling club now. It may be good for the stockholders, but the clubs who can achieve something in premier league are chelsea and two manchester teams. It would be a huge honour for arsenal fans if they end the season as fourth place. So,´╗┐ what now? Barcelona and Real Madrid would bid for yhe player now, and Serie A is about to be destroyed due to financial reason. Where s

  5. Such a different press conference from Fabregas’s 1st´╗┐ conference with FC Barcelona & this. Van Per$ie u’re a big cunt.

  6. Those who defend players leaving a club for a rival club don’t truly understand English football. What Torres did was wrong going to chelsea. RVP move to United is just criminal. The guy who knows what is to love Arsenal. 8 years being loved by arsenal fans while other supporters cursed him. RVP could of easily have gone to barca, any Italian club. He, Torres and Rooney are nothing more than´╗┐ mercenaries. Stop defending controversial transfers. It’s not healthy for the league. Stoke City Fan

  7. Yeah because moving´╗┐ to a rival club is the likely reaction you will you get.Luis Figo got a pig’s head thrown at him when he move from Barca to Madrid.Plus,Wenger supported him for 8 years which are full of injuries and he only spend one good season at arsenal and after that he began to questioning the club’s ambiton.How the hell can he do that?

  8. err ? , if you leave to a club your current club’s fans hate´╗┐ , that’s the likely reaction

  9. so´╗┐ only successful clubs deserve loyalty from their players , Arsenal have brilliant , long suffering fans , outstanding ground , rich history and supported rvp when he was in the shit , we owe him fuckall

    great comment though , spoken like a true gloryhunting jackass

  10. Ronaldo, Beckham, nor Van Nistelrooy joined an EPL´╗┐ team. God you ManUre fans are RETARDED.

  11. C Ronaldo didnt join a RIVAL club in the same league. RVP has stabbed and insulted all Gooner fans by going to ManU… One good season and he quits?? How long did spend on the sidelines yet the fans loved him like 8 years?? Had RVP chosen to go to La Liga or SerieA we would have understood but this is´╗┐ different. He will turn back to GLASS at ManU, Mark my words!!!

  12. Everyone said Arsenal cant score without Van Persie. No one´╗┐ said Van Persie cant score without Arsenal.-Arsenal fan.

  13. and the same with you and the other´╗┐ cry baby liverpool fans did with torres so shut up no one cares

  14. oh you know what everybody does in the city of Manchester, you were in every yard checking etc right I see …

    a few idiots don’t represent the majority …. don’t speak about those idiots to back up your trash talk about´╗┐ the majority

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