Man Utd Fans European Cup Reactions

25 thoughts on “Man Utd Fans European Cup Reactions

  1. How fucking sad and pathetic are Liverpool fans that they have to come onto United videos and pose as United fans? Do one you dipper cunt.

  2. As a united fan and season ticket holder I must be honest although I hate to admit it Liverpool have far better and more passionate support than us

  3. best day of my life, so many emotions. I remember heading toward my bed when Terry stepped up to probably cry my eyes out, then I heard the huge cheer as he missed. Then when Anelka missed, the greatest feeling ever.

  4. This is why football is the greatest game on the planet. Because it does this to people.

    Always has been. Always will be.

  5. Fucking paddies all wearing your shirts.
    Support your local team or another english team you gloryhunters.

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