Sport – Man City Vs Chelsea | 21/03/2012 | (1-2) My Thoughts and Predictions

25 thoughts on “Sport – Man City Vs Chelsea | 21/03/2012 | (1-2) My Thoughts and Predictions

  1. All these foreign twats on here support a club from your on city glory hunting wankers! Manchester united fan from Manchester! Fuck Stockport blue cunts

  2. man city are trying to use mind games on utd by saying were weak so we brought back scholes fergie set them straight and said if thts weakness they brought back a player who was refussing to play tht it weakness utd will lift 20 titles this year

  3. Its a conspiracy. Tevez and Mancini planned it all along. Tevez not wanting to play was a decoy to pretend that he was going to leave the club and get sold to other clubs. Then when no one expects it, mancini says he is going back to the first team. Putting him as a substitute was part of the plan, making people believe that he is not going to play. Then when the match is still in a draw, he unleashed tevez and he wrecked havoc because most players had forgotten how he play

  4. Thats what happens when you think Chelsea are on form they let you Down . City ftw new home record

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