Man.Utd – The Return of Red Devil

25 thoughts on “Man.Utd – The Return of Red Devil

  1. awesome video man! u have the same opinion as me man manchester united does rule the world! Its also my heart, my love and my soul.I hope it continues to roc the world in the future!

  2. Gogogoal..seriously…ur videos are so shit and hopless please get a life u idiot every created clips these days are just so fked up dumb and stupid u should be embarrased of urself.

    to my conclusion.


  3. I have never seen anything like this before!
    I am a huge fan of Man. Utd. !
    I congratulate you about the video and thank you for it! *bowsdown*

  4. how could u say the blues took over the era? they took it only twice. even arsenal won the title three times.. i dont buy it :p

  5. oh commom , this is Ananth’s video
    u changed the name & post it here , atleast credit Ananth for it or mention his name somewhere
    what a cheap cunt you are :S

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