Sky Sports Classics – Tottenham 3-5 Man Utd (Part 2)

25 thoughts on “Sky Sports Classics – Tottenham 3-5 Man Utd (Part 2)

  1. It looked as if he was ready to be a quality 1st team player at the start of the last season until he got his injury troubles, he’s never quite been at that same level since then…phil jones as well

  2. Look at that midfield and right back, now look at ours now. People rate cleverly but lets be honest if he was any fucking good he would have stepped up by now. Top players dont need time “to grow or adjust” there are just shit hot from day 1. We dont have that

  3. I remember watching this with my friend who supported Man United. I was laughing in his face at half time.

    Needless to say he was laughing harder at full time.

  4. ” What a way fort Beckham to get ready for Greece”
    Haha and Beckham got the draw for that game which let them go through 😛

  5. oh no glenn, didn’t eileen told you that this was gonna happen??? she has magical powers no…

  6. this is Tottenham Hotspur in a nutshell..get into a formidable position…then th balls drop off

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