25 thoughts on “ALEXANDER BUTTNER FIRST INTERVIEW AS A Man United Player

  1. So what? He’s playing football for a living whilst you’re sat on YT commenting about him, who’s worse off? Don’t dick on people that might not be as educated as yourself.

  2. This guy played for Vitesse.
    Can’t say he played against the best wingers in the Eredivisie.
    Haven’t played against big european clubs neither.
    He’s a talent and I hope you won’t ruin his career by letting him rot on the bench.
    We need some goddamn good defenders for our national squad

  3. You can hear he is from holland haha, im from the netherlands, and i can hear he is from holland too 😛

  4. i think its better if he starts against southampton next week, we can see how he is, a good match for his first introduction as a united player

  5. Haha “People may not know me now but err give me a couple of weeks” love the confidence coming from this kid, gonna do well I can tell MUFC

  6. thanks 🙂 if you click on the link in the video I put the match highlights there – don’t forget to like my page though 🙂

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