Roy Keane is the favorite of taking up the Northern Irish managerial job

A chain effect might be on the verge of developing which started with the sacking of Nigel Pearson as the head coach of Leicester City and this chain effect can possibly end up with the managerial position of the Northern Irish squad being taken by Roy Keane.

It’s believed that the current coach of the Northern Irish football team, Martin O’Neil is the man that is being viewed as the perfect candidate to take charge of Leicester City and replace Nigel Pearson who was recently sacked. If this does indeed happen and everything follows through, then Roy Keane is expected to become the new coach of the Northern Irish national side as he will be promoted from the assistant to the full time manager.

Martin O’Neil has already coached Leicester City and it was a very impressive period of time for the English club as they managed to secure 2 League Cups during the time when Martin O’Neil was in charge starting from 1995 until 2000. The head chiefs of Leicester City want to see him back at the King Power Stadium and are prepared to offer him a generous salary in order to lure him back into the team.

It’s not likely that Roy Keane would be interested in following Martin O’Neil to Leicester City as the former Manchester United player is more likely to step up and take charge of the national side which he is currently serving as an assistant manager.

Everything will depend on whether or not Martin O’Neil decides to leave his managerial post in the Northern Irish national side and make a return to the King Power Stadium as Leicester City is in need of a coach that can help guide them through another season in the Premier League and all fingers are pointing towards Martin O’Neil.