Robin Van Persie | Welcome to Man Utd | MAN UTD TRANSFER NEWS | RVP JOINS MAN UTD

25 thoughts on “Robin Van Persie | Welcome to Man Utd | MAN UTD TRANSFER NEWS | RVP JOINS MAN UTD

  1. No your wrong AGAIN!!! City rejected RVP cause they didnt want to make him their highest payed player which he asked for. And when he went to finalise a deal with United, He demanded the same pay as Rooney. It was after that when he said he wanted to win trophies, after he sucked money out of United. Every player goes where the money is. Thats just what these people are like. If he wanted trophies we would have joined Unbeaten Juventus or Real Madrid but he turned them down coz they wouldnt pay

  2. Hang on mate, did i mention anything about zola no and if he wanted money he wouldn’t of gone to city he went to united for succes.

  3. Everyone said that when we lost Henry… And again when we lost Fabregas… We recovered both those times and will re build again. Suck out

  4. Did Zola ever win anything at Chelsea? RVP won FA Cup but Zola won fuck all at Chelsea and he didnt mind staying. RVP left for money and Arsenal fans just need to accept that and move on

  5. He’s a cunt for going to United who are the most succefull team in england dont think so.

  6. I don’t think trading the prem for a leauge that has so many issues like money

  7. Rooney and Vanpersie : Fatman and Robin! Btw I support arsenal and my username is very old

  8. Hey guys I have a transfer vid on my channel which talks about RVP his price and lots more players. Thanks 🙂

  9. dw you dont need to know my lifestory just know im a lodener and im a proud united fan simple as

  10. so whats ur point ur telling that since im from london i suddent support a team from up north? litsen mate i was born into supporting man utd my father would make me watch countless man utd matches when i was a kid and he turned me into a tru man utd fans so even during the times we won and lost i will never stop supporting united and what makes u think that supporting the club wih the best history in england and living in a diffrent city means ur a glory hunter u mug

  11. it aint sarcasm asshole because im a united fan im a glory hunter ur pathetic and very stupid just like the rest of the man utd haters

  12. RvP would walk into and team in the world, If he had of went to city is would have been Aguero and RvP starting without question.

    He came to united because they have great history,unlike city who are just spending stupid amounts of money on players,and all they have to show for it is a league title that they won by the skin of there teeth,

    United very rarely spend big and they always get great players,because the club is well known and respected,

    Money is the reason players go to city.

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