Manchester United vs hannover 4-3 All Goals amazing match

24 thoughts on “Manchester United vs hannover 4-3 All Goals amazing match

  1. Both Hernandez and Welbeck are good players and have contributed a lot to Manchester Uniteds recent success.
    I prefer watching Chicharito H play tho but both good and neither suck.

  2. Welbeck has got good technique and overview, he´s more an assisting player in my opinion.
    Hernandez is quick and has got mobility, both different types of players.

  3. Welbeck make 3 mistake against Everton . then , still Welbeck or Hernandez ?

  4. you fans fighting over players in the same teams are fake man utd fans. man utd are a team not 1 player….

  5. No im not mexican im English and Hernandez scored the same amount of goals as Welbeck and Welbeck started more…

  6. LOOOOOL soz bro i only saw De Gea. My bad… good point i’m sure you’d be much better in net 😉

  7. i understand what your saying but when he started making saves his mistakes stoppe…. if you think about he hasnt made a mistake in ages !

  8. And the result does matter it checks if your players are inform or how good your young players are or see if you made a good signing and intergrate them into a competive team

  9. de gea = Class Young Goalkeeper
    Is Save Against chelsea was probz the best save of the season

  10. In my opinion Welbeck is better than Hernandez, but Hernandez is still very good player 🙂

  11. Lindergaaaard ish kool….up (hic) up wiv Lijergarsh all4 of im….hesh my besht m8 he ish….

  12. 1:12 if this isn’t de gea, then who is it? I’m from denmark, and i know how Lindegaard looks like!

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