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25 thoughts on “DHL Express | 30 seconds – DHL Manchester United – TV-Spot

  1. No seriously, you dont know anything about football. If you support Manchester united, please fuck off we dont want fans that think our players deserve to die..

  2. how hav united not had ups and downs they hav been up and down since club started plane crash players dead couple years relegated spent years building that team up till we started winning in the 90s and it just hasnt stopped and i play for my local team so dont try bringing that stuff up

  3. anyone notice the brazillian on the beach is a united youngster named lucas evangelista he is one of the players united brought from brazil for trials from a feeder club in brazil desportivo or something like that

  4. hell lot of assumptions you can make from 20 words…i guess that’s one of your gifts…
    did i ever say i was a united supporter? even if i don’t like, say, how spain play or don’t support them, i don’t despise them either. there’s no need to inject so much hate into the game. why must you be so extreme? perhaps you consider that another gift of yours?
    all teams experience ups and downs. most epl clubs had a “down” part last season, and most fans of other clubs say we’re in a “down” period now.

  5. I wondered who would be the first giftless, easily-led moron to respond to my comment. Do tell me, what association you have with Manchester that makes you feel it appropriate to pretend a sense of loyalty to this team? Why not ‘choose’ a team who have ups and downs, who have a real presence and who don’t attract every pointless idiot with a notion to “support” a team that offers them some hollow reflected glory?
    Support your local team, good or bad, or continue to look stupid.

  6. it’s the haters like you who “despise” other successful clubs that inject all the anger and conflict between football fans…

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