[70/71] Man Utd v Man City, Dec 12th 1970 [Highlights]

18 thoughts on “[70/71] Man Utd v Man City, Dec 12th 1970 [Highlights]

  1. This was real football, not fancy but hard core working class game. The fans were able to relate to the players because they came from the same background, and spoke English. EPL? I’ll take The First Division, even the Second any day.

  2. Leg snapped in two and still he made less fuss than that poof Drogba does after the slightest nudge.

  3. You say that booking was a big deal at the time – and it was true; players could get away with a lot more before being booked at that point.

  4. Who’ll be the first to come up with the line-up of the two teams. I believe Utd had Jimmy Rimmer in goal!

  5. Its incredible that utd got the free kick. Its clear also that no-one knew how serious the situation was at that moment. But it puts Nani to shame.

  6. Manchester United Sack McGunness week after 4-4 Draw against Derby County at old Baseball Ground

  7. I was at that game and it was obvious that Best was never going to get that ball, but it didn’t stop him diving into the tackle. He should have been sent off, not just booked.

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