Cristiano Ronaldo Manchester United

25 thoughts on “Cristiano Ronaldo Manchester United

  1. he will…trust me… if machester united just have alot of money they could bring ronaldo back!!! but madrid wants 100 million dollars if someone wants him.. also his contract expires at 2014 so… let just hope He will…. also machester made him who he is now…. he not him IN MADRID…RONALDO IS THE BEST`!!!!!!!! I’LL SUPPORT YOU!!!!! FOREVER <3

  2. Because United couldnt afford him at whatever Real Madrid want to sell him, Probably over 100 million, his contract doesnt expire until 2015, so 2 years he could be playing for man united, or sooner if a billionaire bought united but that’s unlikely.

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  4. se cristiano ronaldo ,nao mostrase sua vida privada,se tirase brinquinho ,se parase de ser vaidoso ,se fosse humilde ,se tive se o carater um pouco parecido com o figo na seleçao ,um lider um guerreiro.e isso se fosse um guerreiro a serio no campo ,eu penso que podia ser um dos melhores jogadores de todos tempos

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  6. imagine him and Rooney, van persie Now!? It would be sick!! … but it’s just a dream 🙁 i don’t think he will return to MAN UTD. 🙁

  7. Come back to Your home Ronni♥
    We Loved You, We Love You and We will Love You FOREVER♥


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