Chelsea FC-Jose Mourinho Special [2004-07]

24 thoughts on “Chelsea FC-Jose Mourinho Special [2004-07]

  1. One of the greatest personalities! There were something special between Mourinho and Chelsea. Mourinho was respected by the players, the fans and at the same time the media. Jose Mourinho is the special one and no one can take that away from him. A person I admire. Jose please come back to Chelsea sometime! I really do miss you!

  2. He is undoubtly a special person and special manager.He wants to back to Barclays Premier League and it will probably be MANCHESTER UNITED.He wants SIR ALEX’s job after him.I think “the special one” is the only manager in the world who can replace “the greatest manager of all times” SIR ALEX FERGUSON…

  3. best movie mad for Jose in Chelsea ever ..
    i hop you upload it in 720p .. would be fantastic .

  4. Chelsea is Mourinho, Mourinho is Chelsea, clubs like Porto, Inter Real may have him but his heart belongs to Chelsea and he said that! If you don’t believe me just look it up. He has some unfinished work here and I’m sure he’ll come back.

  5. Best coach in the world and when he retires he will be considerd the best of all times, grande Jose

  6. He will be coming back to Chelsea, but the question is: this summer or next summer?
    I hope this summer he will coming back to us and lead the way to glory and victory!
    C’mon Chelsea!!

  7. mourinho is a chelsea legend. abramovich is an idiot who has no brain. gourlay is his brain. lol

  8. love the one at 1:23-1:30 where he shake everyone’s hand at the stoppage time it’s like job done.

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