Vidic vs Vermaelen |Defensive Walls|

25 thoughts on “Vidic vs Vermaelen |Defensive Walls|

  1. I alone would be a brick wall in the middle of the pitch, and my PL Trophy would be safely behind it.

  2. Arsenal conceded 49 goals last season city 25 or 26 can’t remember which one but City haven’t played well yet still scored more than arsenal and are 4th arsenal’s midfield are going to get ripped apart from city’s and your saying city are gona get thrashed by the best team in the world it could happen but it wont and didnt arsenal get thrashed by Milan last year? and they couldn’t even win there league and finally if Man city are so shit why they finish above arsenal?

  3. ya thats why have 6 goals already gone through your “so called one of the best in world” lol!!!!!!!!!! where as how many goals teams put in through arsenal 0 thats right 0….arsenal shits on man united defence this year just watch…i can’t wait for real madrid thrash and rip man shitty apart keep watching..and hating.

  4. How can i be biased ive said nothing about City i hate united but vidic is one best in the world shits on arsenal defence and arsenal dont have a chance to win the prem

  5. lol deluded….your bias thinking thats wat it is.. The premier league is coming back to london keep watching and hating on us

  6. Who’s the best then? and who’s second? Dumb Manchester people yeah that’s it your deluded thinking your teams gona win the league city sub would get on the arsenal team

  7. DiceKid2008
    ‘Dum’? Suggesting that Arsenal will win the premier league with their current squad is ‘dumb’ They’ve lost Song and Van Persie, undoubtedly their 2 best players and even with them they barely grabbed a CL spot. I fail to see how they will win it.

  8. lol he ain’t second best in the world lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how can you even think that is far away from that….. dum manchester people this time premier league is coming back to london

  9. Im not a united fan im a city fan but i know that vidic is class and the 2d best in the world

  10. To me this one is easy I think that vidic is over rated and isn’t as good as most people. Like EA make him out To be. Don’t get me wrong. He is amazing but vermaelen is the better defender he is a tank on legs like vidic so is good at defending but he also scores a few goals which vidic fails to

  11. Yeah so much better at pulling the opponent’s shirt and tackling with malicious intent. . Vidic is simply a bitch! Vermaelen is so much more versatile.

  12. Shoulda redo this video and make it: Koscielny vs Vidic. Koscielny was the (2nd but best IMO) best of last season.

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