25 thoughts on “This is MANCHESTER UNITED ! [HD]

  1. We need to win it back this year lads!!!.. im sick of walking past blues in work and them shouting ” champions , champions” its enuff to knock you sick aint it!?..

  2. Sadly I live in the United States but someday, somehow, I wanna go to Manchester just to see a game at a Old Trafford. Best team in the world.
    One love, One United.

  3. Arsenal fan i’m guessing? answer me this: Would you rather see him at Man United, or at Chelsea/Spurs?

  4. you know when i watch this kind of videos i dont know how to explain but my heart feels something….LOVE UNITED!!!

  5. OMG, the moment when Alex raises the CL trophy is amazing. This man is fucking legend!! UNITED!! UNITED!! UNITED!!
    Greetings from Poland.

  6. To that ‘random’ guy who made the 3% remark-‘If native supporters mean true fans then India and China FCs will be the most famous football teams in d world…largest population.’ How dumb are u. Thank God u’re nt a united fan.

  7. i miss van de sar , but now we have De gea .
    i miss Ronaldo , Park Ji Sung , but now we have Valencia , Kagawa ,
    i miss Ruud , Soljaer , Beckham , Tevez , but now we have Welbeck, RVP , Chicarito and Rooney .

    forever manchester united <3

    <3 .

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