There is only one Keano (tackles+goals+fights)

25 thoughts on “There is only one Keano (tackles+goals+fights)

  1. Keane is the best an if you think otherwise your probably retarded. Btw what’s this song?

  2. United need a new Keano, put there fear factor back into the midfield. Someone with passion and who loves the club more than anything

  3. most of the tackles here are clean and well-timed. He just had that temper of his and got vicious at times, but more often than not he was simply a strong tackler in a position where it takes one. All my respect for him.

  4. Cahil got up and was like “Who the fuck was that” and when he saw it was Keano, he shat himself!

  5. that is exactly what football is missing nowa days, a cunt, if someone did a dive in a game keano was in the next time they get the ball it would certainly not be a dive players like this are almost boycotted from football but it is a big part of what is the beautiful game, a crunching challenge!!

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