That’s Why I Love Manchester United!

24 thoughts on “That’s Why I Love Manchester United!

  1. tears falls from my eyes when i watch this beautiful video! AntonAlfy you really did a great work here!!

  2. I drop tears when i watch this video,,great history for great team with amazing players…LOVE MANCHESTER UNITED WITH ALL MY HEART.


  3. How about making a “part 2” at the end of this season or next one perhaps to “welcome” RVP, kagawa, powell and buttner?

  4. Fck haters..<3 luv united....
    Congrats to all we got d easy draw in Champions league...City are gonna fcked by BvB and MAdrid 😀

  5. wtf u r doing wid manchester united video….bwz name me any team in EPL which is as big as manchester united won more trophies dan us consistently…..mahn u ppal are acunt to futball…jst go and have a shake

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