Shinji KAGAWA vs Valerenga (All touches)

25 thoughts on “Shinji KAGAWA vs Valerenga (All touches)

  1. he’s not bad if he beat aguero on goals scored in epl last year… only rvp beat him, oh wait we have him too.. twat

  2. 1. Click mute .
    2. Open another youtube page and write : Adventure club – Do I see color.
    3. Enjoy the video

  3. How the hell is rooney shit!! Since 2008 rooney and rvp have been the two guys have scored the most goals overall , torres is 3rd , everu striker to partner rooney he adapts with , hes a playmaker aswell as a goalscorer , better than suarez because of suarez chance conversion , tevez rvp aguero rooney are best strikers in the prem due to goals assists and chance conversion so fuck up RETARD statswere on sky sports

  4. LOL…Rooney was fucking horrible…so overrated and it’s disgusting me that he’s paid £250.000 a week when he’s shit

  5. and all that you said 2 weeks ago comes crashing back to earth when nani was worse than all theplayers from accrington stanley and everton win 1-0 thanks to the most dominating performance ive ever witnessed against manchester united

  6. Asians teaching dumb EPL how to play real football vs wild shootout norms in EPL.
    Already M.United looks very cohesive, thanks to Kagawa, he is really bringing a beautiful flow to United game. The attack seems to buildup very nicely. More looking like Barca, lol

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  9. ways to be a man united fan
    1) write “GGMU” in all your comments
    2) reply to every argument by writing “come back when you’re 19”
    3) be a little arrogant in your argument
    4) dream about a champ20ons

  10. i have high hopes for this guy really high hopes. last time i had high hopes for ruud boy van nisterooy and ronaldo, do i need to tell u wat happened? hope the same for this lad and good luck to us in the season. come on united!!!!

  11. That would be a waste of his speed and goal scoring ability. Central mid play maker is a position that requires not only superb long passing and tempo dictating skill but also a lot of experience and understanding of the way the team plays. He may play that when he turns 30, but now I don’t think he is experienced enough for it.

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