Shinji Kagawa New Manchester United sign in 2012

25 thoughts on “Shinji Kagawa New Manchester United sign in 2012

  1. True. Honestly I hate Hazard’s guts.. From his face i could already tell that he is a snob and just another money greedy player who is just waiting to fall. But cheers to you, you hv yourself one hell of a player..

  2. nobody heard?he was in the bundesliga best 11 in 2011 and led dortmund in assists for two years and placed second in the team for goals also.he also played a huge part in that 5-2 trashing of bayern hes far from a nobody

  3. Beim Rückspiel gegen Augsburg hat man ihn fast gar nicht gesehen, gute Abwehrleistung der Augsburger

  4. nobody had ever heard of kagawa in england,after watchin this i think he will be transfer of the season…….alex fergusons a genius,a proven talent for less than 20m…..i think the prem trophy will be returned to its rightfull home at the end of this season OLD TRAFFORD

  5. 진짜 잘한다.. 같은 아시아인으로서 자랑스럽다. very good player. proud of asia. good luck to your next season.

  6. I press the subscribe button but i didnt receive my bacon >:C something is wrong with your machine 🙁 (unsubscribed)

  7. man utd need a creative player who can control the midfield………..and kagawa is definetly a dumb buy……..

  8. I sort of agree with you, but there’s nothing wrong with competition. Clyne is out of contract, and all we will have to do is pay a small tribunal fee, his wages won’t be a lot. He’ll also help out in the homegrown rule, not to mention keep Rafael on his toes. And he can also play when Rafael gets injured, which happens a lot. Let’s see what happens next season, but it’s already exciting!

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