Robert Carlyle (LFC) provokes Man-Utd fans

14 thoughts on “Robert Carlyle (LFC) provokes Man-Utd fans

  1. Except this wasn’t staged. When they got too rough he turned them into
    snails and stepped on em.

  2. Robert Carlyle is my Favorite Scottish Actor of all times! In my opinion
    he’s totally underrated by the “Hollywood Crowd” I’m not Scottish but I
    love Scottish ppl and Scottish History,Life Style and the”Hoops” Been to
    Scotland 4 times mostly on the Coast and Isle of Mull! Just love that
    place(I want to be buried there!Also visited the Cities and Highlands! My
    fav TV shows are Hamish Macbeth and Looking after Jojo both Vintage Robert
    Carlyle and Cracker with Robbie Coltrane!

  3. its all good when it’s staged and everyone theres acting. do this in real
    life and you will be leaving in an ambulance

  4. I love Robert Carlyle to me he’s the perfect actor in these roles, I been
    going through a RC stage lately, watching his older stuff like Train
    Spotting, Looking After Jojo, this, I so wish they would make these gritty
    dramas again with him and people like him in it. I used to watch Taggart as
    a kid and always liked the whole scottish thing they had going on, it
    wasn’t glamourous, but it felt real and provoking. Would love to buy the
    guy a drink and thank him, pleasure to watch.

  5. Is Robert Carlyle a Liverpool fan in real life? I know he’s a Rangers fan
    in Scottish soccer, but I think he follows another team in England, but I
    don’t think is Liverpool, nor Man-U, or even City!!!

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