Rio Ferdinand Reveals name of Player who never got Scold by Fergie

Rio Ferdinand recently revealed that there was one player in the Manchester United squad of his era who was never scolded by Fergie for anything.

Fergie was believed to be one of the angriest managers of that era. He wasn’t someone to show too much of sentiment in public view, but, in the locker room, he wouldn’t mind going after his boys and a lot of the United players, who have recently retired, have said that.

While everyone came on the radar of an angry Fergie at some point or the other during their time at United, Fletcher always managed to escape that somehow and that, in Ferdinand’s opinion, was because of the fact that he used to spend a bit more time with the coach than the other players did.

Ferdinand resembled it to the situation in school where there is one boy whom the teacher always happens to be a little soft towards because he follows him everywhere and remains with him for a little longer even after the school, just to be in his good books.

Fletcher was one that kind of a student with that extra bit of what one can call ‘care’ or ‘loyalty’ for his master.

Ferdinand also claimed to have heard from some of the players that Fletcher used to accompany the head coach for lunch on the off days. However, Ferdinand refused to confirm that and admitted that it could only be a rumour as he himself never saw it.

But, Fletcher definitely had that type of reputation of being a pet and as per Ferdinand, even now, whenever there is a get-together of the old United players, Fletcher gets teased by a few of his teammates of that time for this particular reason.