Nick Powell’s first goal for Manchester United

23 thoughts on “Nick Powell’s first goal for Manchester United

  1. Bebe hasn’t even been named in the Champions League squad of 2012/13. What planet are you living on?

  2. That was an easy goal, even i could have scored it on “PES 05.” I play it on computer with my poor partner cause he slaps me when i score goals on him like BANG (lmfao). btw i do have Fifa 12 on PC, such Real!!!!!

  3. I know you love RVP. I just saw the comment that I replied to. not the other ones. my mistake. 😉 comment removed…;)

  4. Hey good luck Powell, i’m a Chelsea supporter but i think man utd suits him perfectly and i think this transfer makes football exciting

  5. I’m a United fan and you Sir, just made my bellying hurt.. Best fucking comment on YouTube this week 🙂

  6. this is bebes season. hes going to keep RVP and rooney on their toes…i guarantee at least a 20+ goal season and looking at how he played here, im thinking 15 assists

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